Vent Installation

For an animated diagram and overview on how to properly ventilate your pellet heater, choose from the four typical installations on the right.

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Obtain the type of venting materials you will need:

For a through the wall (horizontal) termination, you will need a wall thimble, a straight pipe, a "T", a 5 foot vertical or a 90 degree elbow, and a horizontal cap.

For a vertical termination, you will need a straight pipe, a "T", a cathedral ceiling support box or a flat ceiling support, flashing, storm collar and a vertical cap.

A heater that vents into a masonry fireplace will require a flex pipe to snake the vent past the smoke shelf, up into the chimney, and out into the free atmosphere.

Determine the length of Pellet Vent Pipe required.

Note: for a vertical termination, measure the pitch of the roof and select the proper flashing. The required minimum height above the roof is 12 inches.

Vent Installation

** This information is generalized for use on all Thelin Pellet Heaters. Refer to your models installation and operating manual for information specific to your model.