Control Functions

The Parlour and Gnome E.I. models use the same control panel (see diagram). There are six push buttons marked, Off, Fan, Lo, Med, Hi and Clean. In addition there is a Hi Temp/Flue indicator light, the Trim Button and a battery indicator light. The function of these components is as follows:

- The heater will shut off when this button is pushed. If the igniter does not light the pellets during the start up cycle then the off button will have to be pushed to re-activate the igniter. This can happen if there is excessive ash build up in the fire pot or the igniter bar has not been cleaned properly.

- The fan button will allow the heater to run in the fan mode without feeding pellets. This feature aids in manual start during power outages when the igniter cannot function. (see starting instructions on label on right side of stove)

- When one of these buttons is pushed the start sequence will begin. The igniter will immediately activate and in one minute the heater will begin feeding pellets. In approximately 3-4 minutes you should see fire and the pellets burning. In six minutes the igniter will shut off and as the fire gets hot (apprx. 15-20 minutes) a sensor will activate the "run" mode and you will then have three distinct speeds corresponding to LO, MED and HI. Until the stove kicks into the run mode it will only run on one speed (both feed and fan). For best results let the stove run on Medium or High for 15 or 20 minutes until the heat exchanger gets hot. If you have hooked up the thermostat option use the medium setting for best efficiency.

- The "clean" mode is used only during maintenance. When the stove is cold and you are doing routine maintenance i.e., vacuuming etc. then push the "clean" button and you will hear the fan speed up. This increased fan speed will help clean the combustion housing inside the stove and the exhaust pipe outside. The "clean" position only needs to be activated for 30 to 45 seconds to perform this function.

- This indicator light will turn on red when a safety issue is present. For example, if you do not clean the flue pipe and ash build up occurs the stove will shut off and the light will blink red indicating a blocked flue or high wind condition. This means exhaust gases cannot exit the stove properly and maintenance needs to be performed or a high wind cap needs to be installed. If the red light is steady red then a Hi Temp situation exists and the fan guard on the bottom of the stove needs to be cleaned. If the fan guard gets clogged up with lint and dust the stove will over heat and trigger the Hi Temp red light. The T-1 sensor inside the stove controls the red light functions.

- The trim button allow you to adjust pellet feed rate on all settings, i.e., LO, MED and HI. By turning the trim button clockwise you can increase pellet feed and by turning counter clockwise you can decrease pellet feed. For example, if you change brands of pellets and they are longer and harder than the pellets you have been using then increasing the trim will help sustain the fire and prevent the stove from going out due to lack of fuel. Conversely, if the stove is over feeding and the fire is too high then turning the trim back will solve this problem.

- The battery indicator light will blink when the battery is charging and remain steady green when the battery is fully charged. If the battery indicator light is red it means the battery cables are plugged in backwards, positive (red) to negative (black), and they must be plugged in correctly, red wire to red receptacle and black wire to black receptacle.

Control Functions

** This information is generalized for use on all Thelin Pellet Heaters. Refer to your models installation and operating manual for information specific to your model.