Heater Location

To ensure the safe placement of your heater, be sure to read the following.

Make an effort to minimize the alteration and reframing of structural components of the building. Vent pipe must be installed so that access is provided for inspection and cleaning.

Avoid installing heater in high-traffic areas. Keep children well away from heater when in operation.

When passing vent pipe through ceilings or walls, you must use a listed wall thimble, making sure all combustible materials and insulation products are a minimum of 3 inches away from the pellet vent pipe. If the heater is installed on a carpet, wood floor, or other combustible material, use a non-combustible hearth pad. Keep front door of appliance thirty-six (36) inches from combustibles (drapery, furniture).

When installing the exhaust vent into an existing chimney, you must install a clean out tee behind the heater, before going up into the chimney.

This is necessary in order to remove the fly ash accumulation.

Heater Location

** This information is generalized for use on all Thelin Pellet Heaters. Refer to your models installation and operating manual for information specific to your model.