Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance should be performed during the Spring so that your stove will not sit all summer full of ash, debris and unburned pellets. In some areas of the country, particularly where there is high humidity, the pellets will absorb moisture from the air and turn the pellets to sawdust. This can create problems in the Fall when stove is lit for the first time. Following are some helpful maintenance procedures that will allow you to keep your stove functioning at peak performance all year long.

During the Spring when you have finished burning for the season give the stove a thorough cleaning using a good quality shop vaccum (5 HP or greater) making sure you empty the hopper of pellets.

If possible, move the stove to an area outside the home and blow it out with an air compressor or shop vaccum with a blower attachment. If this is not possible then move the stove away from the vent pipe and thoroughly clean the exhaust port from the rear. This is a good time to check vent pipe and clean the pipe and termination cap, making sure all soot and ash build up are removed.

Remove the outer wrap and maintenance door (See diagram on the External Parts page of the Overview section) and inspect the circuit board, the feed motor, and the T-1 and T-2 sensors for dust and lint build up. Clean as necessary, and if any of these parts need replacing, now is the time to do it. Instructions for replacing these parts can be found in this Maintenance section under Replacing Component Parts.

Check the plastic fan guard on the bottom of the stove for lint and dust build up and clean as necessary.

You are welcome to call the factory if you need help with any maintenance procedures.