Wall Thermostat

The Parlour and Gnome E.I. model pellet stoves are capable of being run and turned on and off utilizing a wall or remote thermostat. Thelin Co. recommends the remote type thermostat because it can be moved around the room or home to determine the best and most efficient use of the thermostat option.

To hook-up the thermostat locate the thermostat terminal on the bottom of the stove (see diagram). Unplug the stove line cord and remove the copper shunt from the terminal block. Hook-up the thermostat wires to the two terminal screws (it does not matter which wire goes to which side). If you are using the remote thermostat hook up the two receiver wires to the terminal block. Plug the line cord back into the stove when the thermostat wires are hooked up.

Set the thermostat temperature to the desired temperature and push the High, Medium or Low button on the stove control panel. When the room calls for heat the stove will automatically light and continue to burn until the desired temperature is reached.

that the fire pot be kept clean and free of ash build up and debris for the thermostat option to work correctly. Excessive ash build up will prevent the pellets from lighting when the thermostat calls for heat.

IMPORTANT: The thermostat option will not work when the power fails and if you have installed the battery back up option you will have to light the stove manually during power failure. In this instance the thermostat temperature must be set all the way up for the stove to continue running during the power outage.

Wall Thermostat

** This information is generalized for use on all Thelin Pellet Heaters. Refer to your models installation and operating manual for information specific to your model.