Lighting Instructions

The Parlour and Gnome E.I. models have automatic electronic ignition and will light themselves when the LO, MED or HI button is pushed in. If you have the battery back up option hooked up and have power failure you will have to light the stove manually. Here is a step by step procedure for manual lighting:

Open door and make sure fire pot is clean and free of ash build up and debris.

Place a small amount of starting material such as gelled alcohol, wood chips, or Thelin Co. starting tablet in fire pot with a small amount of pellets (1/2 handful) and light.

Close the door and push the Fan button. Fan will come on and when pellets are burning push the Medium button. In one minute pellets will start feeding and within 20 minutes the fan will speed up into the "run" mode. If stove does not get hot enough to trigger the sensor (in the first 20 minutes) it will shut off and you will have to repeat the start up process. Do not let rapid build up of pellets smother the fire. If this happens turn trim button counter clockwise to slow down pellet feed.

You are welcome to call the factory if you have any trouble with this procedure.

Filling The Hopper

** This information is generalized for use on all Thelin Pellet Heaters. Refer to your models installation and operating manual for information specific to your model.