Parlour Direct Vent Gas Stove

The Parlour Direct Vent Gas Stove’s classic “pot belly” styling hides a truly efficient gas heater core and heat exchange. Ceramic Ember Burner with Ceramic Logs provide a realistic wood fire effect. Your Parlour Stove will add a designer’s touch by selecting your own colors and nickel or gold accents.

Simple through-the-wall venting makes this stove ideal for use in existing homes where vertical venting might not be possible. Adding to the overall value and efficiency is a variable speed blower system heating and circulating room air.

Thelin™ Gas Stoves are designed to allow for back up heat encase of a power outage. The variable gas control system uses a pilot light which does not need electricity to operate. A convenient push button igniter allows lighting ease so the pilot can be shut off when not in use.

Parlour Direct Vent Gas Stove features

  • Variable Flame Height
  • Ceramic Ember Main Burner
  • Ceramic Logs - Realistic Wood Fire Effect
  • Variable speed blower
  • Sturdy cast iron construction


  • Your choice of six porcelain enamel colors
  • 14K gold plated trim package
  • Nickel plated trim package
  • Wall-mounted thermostat
  • Remote thermostat

Style & Colors for any Décor

Visit the style and colors page.


Height: 45″
Weight: 180 lbs
Diameter: 20″
Venting: 6 5/8″ Simpson Duravent direct vent required
Footprint: 20″ square


Natural Gas Burn Rate (high): 31,000 BTU
Burn Rate (low): 18,600 BTU
AFUE Efficiency: 69.9%

Liquid Propane Burn Rate (high): 28,500 BTU
Burn Rate (low): 16,800 BTU
AFUE Efficiency: 71.0%


Back Wall: 4″
Side Wall: 10″
Front Hearth: 6″

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