Stove Maintenance

Thelin Pellet Heater Cleaning Instructions Video




  • How is it vented?
  • Size of the vent pipe?
  • Size of the room stove is in?
  • Any outside air hooked up?
  • Type/size of pellets?
  • Is the shroud for the convection fan located on the bottom of the stove actually bent or out of round? This would require the stove to be on its side or completely upside down with the lid off.
  • Is there an alignment problem with the transformer plate?
  • Make sure the convection fan blade is on the shaft tightly and there is no up and downward movement when spinning.
  • Check for any loose nuts on the fan mounting plate.

Providence Insert

  • Are the gaskets on the door and ash tray sealed?
  • How is it vented how is the pipe set up/what size/how long?
  • What chip is in the stove?
  • Does the firepot sit flush, no movement from side to side or back and forth?
  • On the connecting pipe to the chimney is it sealed on the top to prevent any air leakage into the chimney?
  • Is the throat of the damper sealed with insulation to not allow air to come into the living area?
  • What position is the air shutter? May need to be fully closed.
  • Is the igniter flushed with the firepot? (if not you can adjust the position of the igniter on the inside of the stove you will do this from the back of the stove, there is a plate the igniter is mounted to, you can adjust the position of the igniter by unscrewing two butterfly nuts on this plate and moving the plate forward of backward.

(This can be used in the future for further technical assistance, when testing the stoves please use the FTM-80 and record the readings that are received)