Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do they cost? Why aren’t the prices on the web site?

Thelin™ Hearth Products sells our goods and services through a Dealership network. All current Dealers are searchable by zip code or city and state on our web site. These Dealers will quote you a price on all Thelin™ Hearth Products’ inserts, stoves and professional installation costs.

You have a unique “look” but what else is special about the Thelin™ line?

Thelin™ stoves use less electricity, have built in battery back-up capability, and can be run on solar power, all providing minimal operating costs.

How often is maintenance required for pellets stoves?

We suggest weekly maintenance, which consists of vacuuming fly ash, cleaning the firepot, and wiping down the glass; consideration of a yearly service and maintenance inspection will keep the stove running at peak efficiency season after season. Thelin™ Hearth Products provides each purchaser with an owner’s manual, which explains, in detail, the necessary maintenance to keep the stoves running at full efficiency.

Can I see the fire? Does the glass stay clean?

Yes, our stoves feature a mild to robust flame depending on the setting (Low, Medium, or High). The glass will stay clean for hours when premium pellets are used. Some pellets contain more moisture than others and this will determine how long the glass stays clean. There are several excellent stove glass cleaners on the market and a few minutes with one of these and a paper towel and the glass will return to an “as new” condition. The Tiburon and Providence Insert pellet stoves have an air wash feature built-in which allows a clean window throughout the burn and requires less frequent cleaning of the glass in between scheduled maintenance.

How do I know I can get pellets? Is there ever a shortage of fuel?

First, check with your local Dealer as to the availability of quality pellets. Pellet fuel availability has greatly increased in your locale. We recommend high BTU/ low ash content premium pellet fuel. Because of the environmentally friendly nature of pellet fuel (a bio-mass product, not fossil fuel) it will continue to become a basic fuel source in retail outlets in years to come. Pellet fuel does not contribute to green house gases! In fact, pellet stoves burn so clean they are EPA exempt from emission standards.

How do they work? What makes a pellet stove different from a wood stove?

The basic difference between a pellet stove and wood stove is that a pellet stove allows for a finely controlled burn. Both the air and fuel can be adjusted and set for maximum burn efficiency. This fine-tuning allows the user to generate incredible heat with a minimum of fuel because the stove is always burning at maximum efficiency. To do this, the stove requires a feed motor and fan motor, which are factory set to produce the optimum burn. Thelin™ Hearth Products allows the user to adjust the feed rate in the event a different brand of pellet fuel is introduced to the stove. A simple control button can be turned to adjust the feed rate on: Low, Medium and High.

How does it start? Can it run on a thermostat?

Thelin™ pellet stoves come with Electronic Ignition as standard equipment. Any Thelin™ stove can be run off a wall thermostat or handheld remote thermostat if desired.

Do the gold rings and trim discolor or lose their brightness?

All of the gold plating is 24 carat gold, and will not tarnish provided it is kept clean with a non-abrasive gold cleaner and soft cloth. The gold plating can be damaged or rubbed off if an abrasive cleaner is used, and for this reason, it is important that you check with Thelin™ Hearth Products or your local Dealer before cleaning the gold. Fingerprints and oil must be cleaned off before the first burn as they will imprint if left on during the initial burn.

How does the battery back-up work?

The battery back-up feature automatically turns on when the power fails. As long as the stove is plugged into a wall outlet the circuit board in the stove will trickle charge the battery and keep it fully charged for future use.

The Tiburon Pellet Stove comes with an internal battery as standard equipment. This battery will allow your stove to operate for 2-3 hours, long enough for most power outages. A larger battery can be used in conjunction with the internal battery for use during longer outages. The battery relay system knows which battery is providing power and does not run the batteries in parallel. Once power resumes the stove will trickle charge the larger external battery first.

The battery will not start the stove automatically. During power failures the stove must be started manually.

How do pellet stoves vent?

Our pellet stoves require 3″ or 4″ type L venting. Size of pipe will be determined by application. Minimum height Thelin™ vent kits are available.

For complete venting instructions please view the Installation Instructions.

How big of hole is required to vent a Direct Vent Gas stove through the wall?

A nine (9″) inch hole is required to allow the DV pipe to exit the wall. The pipe itself is 6-5/8″ and it requires one inch (1″) clearance on each side to pass through an existing wall. Also, the stove pipe can exit vertically if desired. This installation would require a ceiling support box, roof flashing and vertical termination cap. Your local Dealer will have information on these parts and pieces.

Will the gas stoves run on natural gas (NG) or propane (LP)?

The gas stoves are built for one fuel or the other, natural gas or propane. Type of fuel should be specified when the order is placed. In the event the type of fuel changes i.e., new gas lines are installed to bring in natural gas instead of propane, then a conversion kit is available and the stove can be retrofitted for either natural gas or propane. A trained National Fireplace Institute (NFI) gas specialist should install this kit. The procedure takes about 30 minutes.

How does a Direct Vent Gas stove light?

To light the pilot you must slightly depress the Control Knob and turn to the pilot position. Depress Control Knob all the way in and then push the red Igniter Button until the pilot ignites. After 30 seconds, release Control Knob. Once the pilot is lit, turn Control Knob to the “ON” position. Your stove is now ready to be operated by switch, thermostat, or remote.

What does Direct Vent (DV) mean and how does the stove vent?

Direct Vent technology means that the combustion air for the burner enters the stove from outside the dwelling. No room air is used for combustion making the DV stoves the most efficient freestanding stove on the market. The pipe is a double walled pipe with a pipe inside of a pipe. The outside diameter (OD) is 6-5/8″ and the inside exhaust pipe is 4″. The combustion air comes into the stove between the first and second pipe and the gases exhaust out the center pipe. For different installation configurations please see Installation Instructions and then the options listed under: “Direct Vent.”

Does the DV gas stove have a fan?

Yes, a variable control fan comes with every stove as standard equipment. The automatic fan turns on when the stove reaches a predefined temperature.