About Thelin Hearth Products


Thelin Co. Inc. was founded in 1978 by Jay Thelin and Terry Thompson to manufacture wood stoves with and old time "Parlour, Pot Belly" look. These round stoves were quickly accepted by the market and were known for ease of lighting and quick heat generation into the living space. In 1986, after the EPA promulgated air emission regulations the Company developed one of the first wood pellet heaters in the U.S. for residential heating.

Early "Thompson" pellet stoves worked well, however, were not as user friendly as needed by consumers of the 80's. In 1988 Thompson left the Company to pursue other interests and Thelin Co. began re-tooling the pellet stove to offer consumers a more user friendly stove with the benefit of 12VDC battery back up technology. In 1993 the company introduced it’s first battery backup pellet stove models "Parlour 3000" and "Gnome". These stoves operated on 27 watts of electric power and are equipped with a high speed fan driven "Clean Mode" assisting in drawing ash from the heat exchange.

The low power consumption and full time battery back up feature was recognized in United States, Canada, and Europe as forward thinking and the company prospered. In the 1990's the "Parlour" look was developed into a gas fired heater models to broaden the companies offerings and take advantage of clean burning and low cost fuels.

Jay Thelin retired from the company upon the sale of Thelin Co. Inc. to Cardon Products LLC located in Sacramento, CA in 2009. Under the new management the company pursued several new product categories including a contemporary looking freestanding pellet heater known as the "Tiberon" and a versatile wood pellet fireplace insert "Providence". Both new models include the backup battery as standard and the Providence maybe built into the wall in new construction and accessed for service with a pull-out tray. Both the Tiberon and Providence models won the coveted Hearth and Home Magazine "Vesta Award".


Cardon Products-Thelin Co is continuing the tradition of innovation and quality products. Manufacturing all thee categories of stove products including wood pellet, gas, and wood burning models in both "pot belly" and contemporary designs in Southern California. Focused on product design, business integrity, and customer service Thelin Co. is an industry leader with online information support through our website.

Our dedicated and innovative management team and staff has identified the formula for success and is committed to achieving it!