About Thelin Hearth Products

A tradition of meticulous craftsmanship

Throughout its long history, Thelin Hearth Products stoves have excelled in engineering, performance and reliability.

At Thelin Hearth Products we are dedicated to providing you with a durable and efficient stove that you will be proud to display in your home.  In order to achieve this goal, the staff at Thelin devotes ongoing attention to research, advanced engineering, new product design and testing.

Our engineering team utilizes 3D design software to ensure that each precision component used in a Thelin stove is within a strict engineered tolerance.  These tight tolerances equate to a stove that is manufactured to the highest standards of quality in the industry.

As opposed to most hearth product manufacturers, we do not outsource the fabrication and assembly of our products.  In fact, as a consequence of our reputation as a world class manufacturer, we provide contract manufacturing services to several Fortune 500 companies in a number of high tech industries including aerospace, electronics, medical device and semiconductor.

All of the critical processes related to manufacturing are controlled at our factory.  We utilize the latest CNC technology in bending, laser and water jet cutting. We apply our own paint, powder coat and screen print as well.

Combining Quality Engineering with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), every part of a Thelin stove is measured and tracked for accuracy and consistency through every step of the manufacturing process.

From design to finish, Thelin’s accomplished team of engineers and manufacturing specialists are committed to providing a product that you can depend upon to consistently deliver heat to your home.

Discover for yourself why Thelin Hearth Products is “where comfort begins”.

Attention to detail

At Thelin, we are passionate about precision.  That is why we continue to invest in the latest technology including laser and water jet cutting machines from Switzerland.

Our lasers are capable of cutting 1” thick steel with pinpoint accuracy.  In fact, these machines are capable of holding tolerances of .004” (four thousandths of an inch), the average width of a human hair.

Even more remarkable, our water jet is capable of cutting 7.5” stainless steel.  This versatile machine can hold tolerances as tight as .003” and is capable of also cutting stone, ceramic tile and glass.

Find out how passionate we are about precision. Visit your nearest Thelin dealer today.