Parlour Pellet Stove

The Parlour Pellet has a proven track record over the years, providing both reliable comfort and traditional beauty. The Parlour Pellet is designed as a primary heater delivering 40,000 BTU.

The Parlour pellet is equipped with 12 volt battery backup circuitry including trickle charge capability. When your power goes out, you can rest assured that the Parlour will keep going.

With convenience, durability and vintage styling in mind, this unique stove will add a touch of elegance to your home.

Parlour 3000 Pellet Stove features

  • Your choice of six porcelain enamel colors, or charcoal or black matte finishes
  • Push-button controls
  • Cast-iron fire pot
  • Automatic fuel feed
  • Automatic electronic ignition
  • 12 volt battery backup system with trickle charge


  • 24K gold plated trim package
  • Nickel plated trim package
  • Wall-mounted thermostat
  • Remote thermostat
  • Battery back-up cable


Height: 43″
Weight: 180 lbs
Diameter: 20″
Door opening: 9.5″ x 14″
Exhaust vent: 3″
Exhaust O.C. from floor: 12.25″
Footprint: 20″ square


Feed Rate (high): 5 lbs/hr (40,000 BTU)
Feed Rate (low): 1.33 lbs/hr (approx.)
Efficiency: 72.19%
Power consumption: 27 watts


Back Wall: 5″
Side Wall: 5″
Front Hearth: 6″

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