All Thelin™ Hearth Products
  • Echo-Comstock Pellet Stove

    The latest pellet heating product from Thelin Hearth incorporating our advanced DC Drive Technologies.

  • Providence Pellet Insert

    The Providence Pellet Insert was selected as the 2011 recipient of the prestigious Vesta Award for design and innovation by professionals in the hearth industry. The Providence Pellet Fireplace and Fireplace Insert was awarded the prestigious Vesta Award for design and innovation. Environmentally clean burning 1.2 grams/hr and lowest overall operating cost.

  • Parlour™ Wood Stove

    The Parlour™ T-4000 is the most remarkable wood heater on the market today. Preserving the Parlour™ “Pot Belly” style in a modern design, this clean burning wood stove surpasses EPA emission standards.

  • Parlour™ Pellet Stove

    The Parlour™ 3000 Pellet Stove is the most unique heater available in the market. Having a traditional Pot-Belly Style while incorporating advanced DC Drive Technology. Battery Back Up heat and low operating costs are just a few of the benefits.

  • Parlour™ Direct Vent Gas Stove

    Simple through-the-wall venting makes this stove ideal for use in existing homes where vertical venting might not be possible.

  • Gnome™ Pellet Stove

    The Gnome™ is an ideal solution as supplemental heat for most living spaces or as primary heat for a small home or cabin.

  • Gnome™ Direct Vent Gas Stove

    The Gnome™ direct vent gas stove, with its ageless elegance and fine lines, is designed to add the finishing touch to that unique space in your home.

  • Echo Gas Stove

    The Echo free standing stove embodies the traditional style that has come to define Thelin Hearth Product’s Classic Series.