Parlour™ Pellet Stove

General Details

Thelin™ Hearth Products Parlour™ Pellet Heater Available Fall 2022! Exceeds 75% Efficiency required for Tax Credit!

The Parlour™ 3000 Pellet Stove is the most unique heater available in the market. Having a Traditional Pot-Belly Style while incorporating advanced DC Drive Technology, Battery Back Up Heat, Ultra Low EPA Emissions, and low operating costs are just a few of the benefits.

The Parlour™ 3000 Pellet Stove is the most unique heater available in the market. Traditional Pot-Belly Style is the company hallmark while incorporating advanced Technologies. With 25 years and thousands of units operating the Parlour™ Pellet has benefited from continuous design improvements. The original DC Drive-Battery Back Up stove provides a high 40,000 btu burn rate and lower overall operating costs. The Parlour™ Pellet is equipped with 12 volt battery backup circuitry including battery trickle charge capability. When your power goes out, you can rest assured that the Parlour™ will keep going. Environmentally conscious with a Ultra Low EPA emissions output of only .43 grams per hour the Parlour™ takes first place. With convenience, durability and vintage styling in mind, this unique stove will add a touch of elegance to your home.

Features & Options

  • Your choice of six porcelain enamel colors, or charcoal or black matte finishes
  • Push-button controls
  • Cast-iron fire pot
  • Automatic fuel feed
  • Automatic electronic ignition
  • 12 volt battery backup system with trickle charge
  • Ultra Low EPA Emissions


  • 14K gold plated trim package
  • Nickel plated trim package
  • Wall-mounted thermostat
  • Remote thermostat
  • Battery back-up cable


  • Height: 43”
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Diameter: 20”
  • Door opening: 9.5” x 14”
  • Exhaust vent: 3”
  • Exhaust O.C. from floor: 12.25”
  • Footprint: 20” square


  • Feed Rate (high): 5 lbs/hr (40,000 BTU)
  • Feed Rate (low): 1.33 lbs/hr (approx.)
  • Combustion Efficiency: 94%
  • Average LHV Efficiency: 83.1%
  • Average HHV Efficiency: 76.9%
  • EPA Emission Rated: .429 Grams/Hr.
  • Power consumption: 28 watts


  • Back Wall: 5”
  • Side Wall: 5”
  • Front Hearth: 6”

Manual & EPA Info

  • EPA Certification due Fall of 2022

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