Echo Gas Stove

General Details

The Echo free standing stove embodies the traditional style that has come to define Thelin™ Hearth Product’s Classic Series.

Sleek, well proportioned and highly versatile, the Echo gas stove utilizes direct vent technology that allows this stove to be installed with ease in most rooms. The Echo can be vented directly back through an exterior wall, up vertically through the roof or vented up through the chimney when installed in front of an existing fireplace.

Features & Options

  • Cast-iron construction
  • Push-button control
  • Direct vent technology


  • Available in six porcelain enamel colors (ivory, ebony black, cobalt blue, burgundy red, teal green and majollica brown) as well as traditional matte black
  • Wall-mounted thermostat
  • Remote thermostat


Height: 3” (762 mm)
Width: 27” (685.8 mm)
Depth: 18” (457.19 mm)
Weight: 206 lbs (93.4 Kg)
Footprint: 26” x 16”


BTU Nat. Gas: 31,000 Max, 18,400 Min
BTU LP Gas: 31,000 Max, 22,000 Min
Pipe Exit from floor to center: 23.5”

Canadian P.4.1 Annual Fireplace Efficiencies
Nat. Gas: 68.81%
LP Gas: 65.81%


Cast Top to Side Wall: 7”
Cast Top to Back Wall: 5”
Floor: 0”

Owner’s Manual

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